Sunday, October 17, 2010

Latest October upate

We did it! We have paid off our final loan leaving us with only a car payment and mortgage. I'm readjusting our monthly payments so that I can increase the amount we are putting towards our car. We are still on bi-weekly mortgage payments as well so we've now made (as of this month) an extra payment this year. I hope to get our mortgage down as much as possible so that we can consider refinancing without having to pay any fees, etc.
What have you all been up to? How have you changed your financial circumstances? Hopefully I've inspired at least one of you to make more sound financial decisions. I have definitely learned more about choosing wisely while shopping and avoiding returns (sometimes returns that never happen!)
Finally, a semi off-topic deal for you. Jo-Ann's has the Cricut Expression (Personal) Cutter on sale for $89.99 down from $199.99. If you have a teacher discount card you can knock another 15% off of that price! Great deal unless you are holding out for the Cricut Imagine (which looks amazing!)


  1. Congrats! That is great news. Sounds like you are right on track!

    We just got a couple of estimates to replace a window and are realizing that house maintenance costs a fortune - much of which you don't really see back in the resale price! Anyway, that disappointment aside, the good news is that we bought a car with a trade in and only cash! It's the first time I've had a new car (it's only my second car ever, the first being the 10-year-old Volvo we got last summer and traded) and we felt so accomplished to have avoided the loan this time. Even with really inexpensive financing options, we chose less debt over having more cash in the bank now.

  2. Latest October upate

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