Check this out- Links to stores and boutiques

I came across these items and thought I would share. Check them out. You might just be pleasantly surprised...

1.) What a great idea. No need to buy a ton of plastic baggies anymore. These are reusable! Tell her you found it here

2.) Do you all have a ton of old electronics that you need to get rid of or even some cell phones that are just laying around the house? I cleaned out a lot of items and didn't have to pay a penny (You do know that you have to pay to recycle certain electronic items responsibly, right??) Anyway, I sold some things and recycled others through Gazelle. They were awesome! They sent me a FedEx postage paid stamp and took my things. Check out Gazelle

3.) Beautiful handmade items all made by a Mom of 3. Check out her blog The Trendy Tulip Boutique and her Easier Said! Vinyl store also on Blogger.

4.) Adorable outfits for newborns, infants, and toddlers. Let's get this mom some business at Avys Sew Right Creations.

5.) Reuse, Recycle, Live Green. This mom lives by that motto making beautiful products out of green materials. Please check out her shop at Clothes to Home