Baby Puree Recipes

With my first son I bought all of the starter foods. With this one I would like to make his purees so I am searching for websites that offer great recipes and that are easy to follow. Here's one I came across that seems to have VERY simple to make recipes and a plethora of information. Enjoy!

Wholesome Baby Food

I have also heard that Annabel Karmel's book is worth buying.  

Next, I personally own Jessica Seinfeld's book, Deceptively Delicious, and found numerous recipes I liked in there. 

Basically, the idea behind all of these recipes is that you can include veggies, and even meats, in foods by pureeing them and putting them into a sauce or even into a mix (i.e., brownies).  After some practice, these meals turn out well and they are nutritious.  They are definitely worth a try.

I will keep adding links as I find them.  If you are interested in the books, click here to be redirected to