Monday, October 4, 2010


We have managed to go another month on cash alone. As time goes on I find that I am dipping into our savings a lot less, replenishing accounts more, and paying off the last bit of debt we had prior to starting this challenge. My hope is that this next paycheck will pay off the loan and we will be on our way to paying off our car! My goal for that payoff is August 2011 leaving us 1 year shy of our 4 year loan. After that, I will be working towards increasing our retirement savings, kid's college accounts, and paying off our mortgage. My ultimate dream goal is to pay the house off in the next 10-12 years, and I believe that with some determination and organization, we can do it.
I want to make sure we are investing correctly in our retirement accounts as well without sacrificing the here-and-now. You see, I don't want to end up saving so much that I don't get to enjoy my children, some last minute trips or even an occasional date-night-out. It is such a delicate balance.
I've found myself frustrated with couponing as well. As much as I find it beneficial it is such a challenge to have enough coupons to make the trips worthwhile- that is, of course, my experience. I need to get back on track and reorganize my coupons. I have also noticed that I was buying things I didn't necessarily need simply because I had a coupon. Those coupons are so tempting... you buy something then you've created a need for an item you didn't quite have in your life before. For example, I never bought Juicy Juice, but I got a great deal. I had them in the house for weeks and it was so easy to whip one out as a "treat" for my son. Once they ran out I was almost tempted to buy some until it dawned on me that we were just fine before without them. Hence the magic of coupons!
Anyone else set up any goals while I've been away? I would love to hear about your savings tricks, obstacles, thoughts... anything. Come keep me company or this will be a long year!

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  1. I agree about the need to be careful. I tend to clip, more than use. When I have a coupon that is about to expire, and know I will not use it- I will leave it at the store(on the item) hoping someone will find it and use it. So, if you ever find a random coupon at the store, it might be left by me.