Life as a Mom

This is how I've felt lately.  Trying to take care of the kids, have my own time, make phone calls, juggle the bills, take care of our newly planted lawn and landscaping, go to activities, and still have time to just be without noise, without tears... just pure silence.  I am one of those odd people that actually really enjoys it being quiet.  I drive in the car without music (most of the time), I often sit at home with the TV off (I don't want the kids to watch too much TV), and I surf the net without any distractions.  I need silence to read... even to carry a conversation.  I hate when the TV is on and you're trying to talk to someone who is only half-listening.  The only exception to this rule would have to be the Superbowl or World Cup- can't miss those.
I wish I had 8 limbs sometimes.  Carry the kids, clean dishes, make dinner, water the lawn, get the mail, make phone calls, and work on the net all without feeling split in 4 parts!  I don't know about you guys, but I look forward to bedtime.  I love my kids, but sometimes I love silence more.  It is nice to hear myself think.  Although, my kids both make me laugh so much that I wouldn't give that up for the world. 
Now if we could only clone ourselves...