Friday, June 18, 2010

Baby Products 101

I am trying to start testing baby products in the hopes that I can help moms out there who are seeking the latest and greatest as well as bringing a little diversity to this small town we're in. We really only have a Wal-Mart and Target to go to for baby products otherwise I find that most of my girlfriends have to shop online. We're all for online shopping, but we want to be sure that the product we're ordering is going to meet our needs - especially when every penny counts!

I'll tell you the one product I am completely over and that is my Baby Bjorn. It was all right with my first son who was significantly lighter than #2, but I can barely carry my second son in it. It pulls on my shoulders and back. I can also tell that #2 is completely uncomfortable in it. So, part of my mission is to find a baby carrier. Suggestions welcome!

I am also looking for chic items with a practical edge to them. I am tired of carrying around cheap plastic cups and Ziplock bags. I want something that can be reused, looks good, and stands the test of time.

I would love to have some fun toys for the car. My older son doesn't mind car rides, but, honestly, I don't want to play a DVD just to run to the store. I love Melissa and Doug and am seeking products along those lines that keep him intrigued by his surroundings, but make the time pass quickly. I am not big on the "throw him in front of the TV" theory; what a waste of the mind. My second son just cries in the car. Can't tell if he's bored or car sick. Need something to keep him happy though.

A clock. I need a good toddler clock for my 3 year old. He needs to start learning how to tell time so we get over this whole up at 6 a.m. because "Look, Mommy. The sun is awake!" Yeah. Not working for me.

So... wish me luck. I'll report back as I find products that inspire and add flair.

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