Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mommy/Play date cards anyone?

How many times have you met another mom at the park, wanted to exchange contact information and not had a piece of paper, pen, or even your cell phone handy to get their number? Or how many times do you rewrite the SAME information for babysitters, family, friends, etc. who are watching your kids (i.e., Adam is allergic to peanuts, call (insert pedi's name), other family members contact info., etc.)?  They have a solution for those moments!  They are called MOMMY CARDS and they are not only practical but cute.  Check them out at Vistaprint. They are 33% off right now.  Happy shopping!

I chose to highlight Vistaprint's cards because they are having a sale, but you can also check out the following websites for fun alternatives:

LOVE this website: The Mommy Card

Moca Paper (Eco-friendly cards available)
A Touch of Whimsey
123 Print

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