Wednesday, June 30, 2010

JUST IN - The Patacake Baby Store is giving you a discount

Hey all! After speaking with The Patacake Baby you can get the following offer:

An unadvertised special (only newsletter, facebook, and twitter fans were informed) from June 15th and until June 30th (so today) all shipping is FREE.

They are also offering the coupon code BABYLOVE for 15% off for you guys, my readers, so take advantage of this opportunity and check out all of the adorable items they have available at The Patacake Baby

Happy Shopping!

Oh man... Update on us

So, I went shopping and left my coupons in the car! Fortunately, I didn't buy anything that I actually had a coupon for nor did I spend more than about $10 so I got lucky. I did end up buying a Johnny Jumper at Target for my little guy. He loves to be upright and with a toddler I can't hold him all of the time so I figured he would enjoy some of his own mobility. Personally, I like his stationary jumper better up to this point, but maybe he'll grow into the JJ? Also, the JJ only holds up to 24 pounds and this kid is going to meet that limit quickly.

I feel like I'm just getting my feet wet with the coupon thing. I am anxious to start doubling. I can't find anyone who triples yet, which reminds me that I need to make some phone calls... I know that WM claims to have the best deals around, but, man, it would be awesome if WM and Target took double coupons! I wouldn't want to rob them of their billions though.

Let me tell you something though, all of this online searching/shopping is tough work! Many props to the blogs out there who have been faithfully finding deals for people over the years.

Let me know what interests all of you and what you would like to see more of in the coming weeks. We have a few giveaways lined up from several boutiques so keep checking in and remember to sign up to follow so you never miss out on a great deal!

Running low on time AND groceries?

Listed are a few grocery store sites that will deliver your groceries to your home.  All you have to do is shop from the comfort of your home.  I used to use a service when we lived in NYC and it was to be able to order the food I wanted without having to carry it back down city streets, on subways, and on buses.  It also gave me more variety.  There are options as to how ripe you would like your fruits, how thin you would like your meat sliced, and at what time you would like your delivery made.  Well, enough said, check these out and see if they are available in your area:





I also found a link to another website where she lists some of the same ones I have mentioned, but she has found more. Click here to be redirected to Food 411. She does indicate what states have which services. Happy shopping!

Mommy/Play date cards anyone?

How many times have you met another mom at the park, wanted to exchange contact information and not had a piece of paper, pen, or even your cell phone handy to get their number? Or how many times do you rewrite the SAME information for babysitters, family, friends, etc. who are watching your kids (i.e., Adam is allergic to peanuts, call (insert pedi's name), other family members contact info., etc.)?  They have a solution for those moments!  They are called MOMMY CARDS and they are not only practical but cute.  Check them out at Vistaprint. They are 33% off right now.  Happy shopping!

I chose to highlight Vistaprint's cards because they are having a sale, but you can also check out the following websites for fun alternatives:

LOVE this website: The Mommy Card

Moca Paper (Eco-friendly cards available)
A Touch of Whimsey
123 Print

FREE photo book from Vistaprint

Vistaprint is offering their 8X8 hard cover book and 8X8 soft cover book for FREE right now OR you could opt to upgrade to a larger size and get 50% off of that book. Worth checking out here. Happy shopping!

A deal too SWEET to pass up (IN residents)

The Simply Sweet Shoppe is offering $5 for $10 of baked treats, gelato, candy and more. Go check them out in Carmel, IN or online at the link above. So, if you are having a craving for all things sweet, you may want to stop by sooner rather than later because this offer expires at the end of today! Happy snacking!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Something to do out of the sun

I completely forgot about this deal and some of you mamas may really enjoy taking your kiddos to the movies for free.  Check out Regal Cinemas Free Family Film Festival.  Every Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m. you can see a G or PG movie, but it is on a first-come basis.  You can pick up your tickets at select theater box offices on the day of the show.  Click here to be redirected to Regal's website.

AMC is also offering a similar package called Summer Movie Camp.  It is every Tuesday at 10 a.m. until August 10th and costs $1 per movie.  Click here to be redirected to AMC's website.

Have a great time!

Want to go on a bike ride with your toddler?

Whenever we go on a bike ride, we always get asked where we got our bike seat.  It has been perfect for our family.  Our son sits in the front, craddled in my arms, in full view.  I can easily lean in to whisper in his ear as we explore our surroundings by bike.  I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a bike seat for your summer adventures.  Wal-Mart has it on sale right now for under $50 so it is definitely worth a look.  Check it out here. Happy shopping!

Jack in the Box - Free Funnel Cake

Right now if you buy a Really Big Chicken Sandwich Combo you can get a FREE mini funnel cake.  Yum!  No coupon required.

Banana Republic Factory Sale!

The Banana Republic Factory has a store coupon for 40% off or more in-store. This sale starts July 1st and runs through July 5th.

Banana Republic Factory Store has an in-store coupon good for 40% off the entire store with an additional 10%, 15%, 30%, or 60% off at random if you use this printable coupon.

For those of you who do not have access to a Factory outlet, you can still sign up for their e-mail list here and get a 15% off coupon PLUS free shipping towards your online order. Happy shopping!

The Children's Place SALE

Right now The Children's Place has 50% off select styles PLUS, if you use this code, G4AGKGQ25, you can get an additional 15% off. Shipping is a flat $5. Happy shopping!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Avy's Sew Right SALE!!

Avy's Sew Right Creations is having a holiday sale. From now until July 5th you can get 25% off anything in her store!! Given the time and energy she puts into her handmade items, this is quite a deal. Make sure to check out the tutu she has on there... it matches the shirt that is currently in my giveaway!

Macy's 40% off lingerie sale ends tomorrow!

Go to Macy's right now and get 40% off of lingerie plus free shipping on orders $50 and over. Great time to stock up. Happy shopping!

PLUS use my Ebates link and get an extra 3% cash back.

Calling all coupon clippers!

Just found the cutest coupon clutch that attaches to your shopping cart so you don't have to fumble around with those flimsy plastic coupon organizers.  The patterns are chic and the prices seem reasonable.  Check out the shop here. Happy shopping!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Unique shopping for twins

I came across this shop called Night Owl Baby and fell in love with the attire they have available. What is unique about them is that it is a shop dedicated to twins! Their clothes just seem precious. Take a look at their stock by clicking here Let me know what you think. Happy shopping!

Nice Gap deal at Ebates

If you go to Ebates and shop through that link, you can get 10% off on Tuesdays (Code: Tuesdays) if you have a Gap (Banana Republic or Old Navy card), plus 20% in cash back from Ebates. They have some adorable stuff on sale right now. Definitely worth a look in order to stock up for next year! Happy shopping!

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale

The sale is going on right now and ends Monday! Get shopping, ladies. Oh, if you use the link I gave you and create an account, you can get an extra 2% cash back on your VS purchase! Happy shopping!

Create an Ebates account here and save 2% on your VS purchase.

Great site for online shopping needs

Since I'm new at all of this I take all advice offered. A friend recommended checking out I had heard of it and decided to pop on over there to see what it's about. If you are a Upromise member, it reminds me of Upromise, but without the 529 draw. Once you sign up for an account, you get cash back for all of your online transactions. Not a bad deal since most of us do our shopping online. In any case, it is worth signing up and having as I have heard great things about the site. Click here to be redirected to Ebates.

Just a little note about the CC challenge

I think I need to make a few clarifications. Almost 5 years ago, we paid off all of our debt and only had 1 car payment to make. We now have our mortgage and 1 car payment to make. When I say, "in the hole," I mean that from the saver's perspective. Meaning, I want to pad our savings' account, increase our college savings for the kids, increase our retirement savings, and have money leftover for little splurges/trips.
After we paid off our debt, we began to use our CC as a way to earn points and paid the balance off monthly. Now, I want to compare the two ways. Is it more advantageous to use the CC and pay it off monthly or does one unknowingly spend more just because it's available (even though it gets paid off)? Or is it better to spend only what is immediately available in the account? If one goes by the latter and uses automatic savings programs (where certain amounts are debited from your checking account and placed into a savings account automatically), I wonder if one could come out ahead this way? I am going to find out for myself this year.
So, needless to say, we are good savers and have what I like to call "traditional" debt (mortgage/car), but can we do better? Can we save more and still live a comfortable lifestyle?
If you are using CCs and paying them off monthly or if you live by cash alone, leave me a comment and tell me why you think it works for you. I am curious as to how everyone does this.

Grocery stores that double and triple coupons

Here is a link to a website that lists many of the stores nationwide that double and triple coupons.  Please let her know if you know of others and post a comment here as well so we can share it with everyone.  Thanks and happy shopping!

Stores that double and triple coupons

Local stores (Avon) that double/triple coupons:
Meijer: doubles
Kroger: doubles (add coupons online to your Kroger card)
Super Target: NO
Wal-Mart: NO

IHOP- free meal

You can get a free Rooty Tooty Fresh n' Fruity (or the equivalent) by signing up here I've done it. It works... who doesn't love free pancakes?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby Bjorn Babysitter

I have been looking at this for a while now, but can't convince myself or my husband that it would be worth the extra $125 or so (since a regular seat runs about $30) BUT it looks so comfy and logical. I mean, you just slide the kid into the seat. Is the convenience worth the money. Well, sometimes yes. In any case, for those of you who could care less about my ramblings, but are interested in the seat, I believe I have found a pretty good deal given they usually run $170-$190 plus s/h. If you go to and are a new member, you can receive $10 off your first purchase by using code SEARCH10. Then s/h is free for purchases over $49 and finally they have 4 different colors of the Baby Bjorn Babysitter on sale for $132. So... that leaves you at $122, NO TAX, and free shipping! Not bad. Come back and leave a comment if you decide to go for it.

Going to the beach with an infant? This may be the solution for you.

I have seen this before, and, personally, can't afford it, but if you have the money to get it, this may be a great solution for your time at the beach amongst other trips. Phil and Ted's Traveller seems like such a practical solution. It has a blow-up mattress, netting to keep bugs out, and it is the same size as a standard crib. All I would recommend is bringing a battery operated fan (and some extra batteries) to keep the baby cool and you should be able to spend the entire day at the beach without having to head back repeatedly for naps. Let me know if any of you decide to try it out or if you already have it. Is it worth the money?

Phil and Ted's Traveller

Going green

Coming soon

Ann Taylor Loft - Online only

Their sale items are now 40% off of the sale price.  Also, if you buy one full-price item you can get ANY second item for 50% off. Check it out here. This is only the link to the advertisement and code (SAVE50). To be redirected to Ann Taylor Loft, please click here. Happy shopping!

Kohl's cash going on right now until June 30th!

Make sure to stop in at your local Kohl's store for their Kohl's cash going on now until June 30th. They are also having their Bonus Buys right now until June 29th. Most of the kids items are currently 55-60% off. Click here to be redirected to their site.

*It is Kohl's cash + 15% off!*

TIP: If you find a good deal on something that you know will make a good gift (for example, kids' toys), you may want to buy a few for upcoming occasions.

Old Navy's 30% off of everything sale is going on NOW!

Until June 29th, everything in the store is 30% off, in store and online.

Use the promo code ONBIG30 when shopping online. Just click here to be redirected to their website. Happy shoppping!

Robeez SALE!

Here is a sample of some of the shoes they have on sale right now.  Looks like they are $16.99-$26.99 in the clearance section.

Robeez Soft Soles Flitty Flight MJ- White
Encourage your little one to spread her wings and explore in this white and pink mary jane, featuring an elasticized strap and back for a perfect fit.

Regular USD $21.95
SALE USD $16.99

Robeez 1st Stepz ORGANIC Surfin' Turtle - Brown

Your little man can 'hang loose' with his buddies at the beach in this eco-friendly surfin' turtle shoe, with adjustable straps and breathable leather linings.

Regular USD $34.95
SALE USD $26.99


They also have these adorable boots for $9.99! Great for this coming winter.

Finally, FREE shipping if you buy 2 or more pairs!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Are you tired of the same old diaper bag?

Look at this adorable bag called Tea on the Thames So cute! A great way to carry a smaller bag with the necessities and still look good. Let me know what you think.
Check out the rest of the site here for more bags and baby gear.

Recycling and Reusing

Those of you who are interested in trading out what you already have for items you may need, might like to take a look at Swaptree - trade books, CDs, DVDs, and video games for free in exchange you'll receive items that you want. You can also print out postage right from your computer. Very cool. Check it out. deal extended until 6/30/2010

If you aren't familiar with you should check it out. They offer gift certificates to local favorites for less- way less. Sometimes, as in now, for 80% off. You can get a $25 gift certificate for $2 and a $10 gift certificate for $0.80. It is a great way to get out without spending too much. Use the code SUMMER to get 80% off your total.

Make your purchase purchase through Ebates and save even MORE by receiving 15% cash back.

Vistaprint - 500 business cards for $1.99

Right now Vistaprint is offering 500 business cards for $1.99. If you are starting up a business and would like to have some cards to hand out this would be your chance!

Click here
Look in the middle towards the left and you will see the offer below:
Premium Business Cards

Premium Business Cards

250 Reg. $19.99 $1.99
500 $29.99 $1.99
Look like a millionaire for the right price. Full-color printing on your choice of card stock. Easy to customize, or add your own logo. New foil-accented designs available.

This is the time to become a follower on my blog!

I have a few sponsors which means I am ready to begin some giveaways!! Check back here in the next few days to see what I will be giving away. You must be a follower of the blog to enter the giveaway and I promise it will be worth it! Thanks :)

Deal of the Day

INDIANAPOLIS FOLLOWERS: Go to Groupon and get a massage at Bella Naturale for $30 saving 54%!! Who wouldn't want to get a massage... Seriously.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dominos code - Large 2 topping pizza for $5.99 until June 27th

Until June 27th you can large 2 topping pizzas from Dominos for $5.99. Just enter code 9159 at checkout. Enjoy! Be sure to then "Place a Bounty" on a fugitive- Send coupons to your friends in order to earn free food from Dominos. They're giving away lava cakes, pizzas, and the ultimate prize: Free pizza for a year! Check it out!

Credit card update

So... I decided to do this, of course, in the midst of tons of house projects. We are installing a paver patio in the backyard and that is costly. I had to transfer money from our savings account to pay for a few things today. It killed me to do that. It is looking good out there although it is still dirt. I can picture what the patio will look like. Anyway, I had a thought today about NOT using the card. Am I crazy to lose all of my reward points? We usually rack up thousands of those in a year. I then spoke to a friend who said that when they stopped using credit cards, they did miss the points, BUT they noticed that their spending went down so maybe it will be worth it in the end. I hope so because we still have another 350+ days to go! Ouch.

Farm Fresh Deliveries - Indianapolis

This is a great local resource for organic foods. I know it is hard to find FRESH produce so this is a nice alternative to having to scour the supermarkets or wait for Farmer's Markets to pop up. Check them out- they seem to have some interesting options.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To all of you reading my blog

How do you all make extra money? How do you find the best coupons? I'm looking for your input. Please drop me a line on this blog (in the comment field) and share with me - and the others who have visited - how you save/make money. I'd love to hear from you!


This seems like a pretty cool auction site. There is no money involved, you can get rid of items you no longer need, and you get "paid" in exchange via credits. I suggest checking it out and seeing if this may be just what you need to get what you want without breaking the bank!

more free stuff on Listia

EcoPass (One Year Membership)

EcoPass- One Year Membership
You can get a $50 gift card for by signing up for a one year membership. If you are looking for those hard to find organic items, this may be a good place to check out.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The sales begin!

Okay. My other goal is to not throw anything anyway. I am going to make a concerted effort to sell everything I can... even shoes. Yeah, shoes. I know- it sounds crazy, but even a dollar counts, right? I'll keep you posted on the selling/re-purposing. Anyone else take this on with a vengeance?

Monday, June 21, 2010

I did it!

I did it, people,I did it. I went to the store, followed my list, and... I used two coupons! I saved $3.25 and am so excited at the prospect of using coupons. I know, I know, it sounds so ridiculous because people do this all of the time. Not me. I've never been into coupons. I always forget them or by another brand... too much trouble. But these coupons were easy and practical. Anyway, this is just the beginning of the savings. So excited! And, yes, it is okay to laugh at me for this.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another hot day

Today was a good day. We played, went on several walks, and the tantrums were limited to bedtime. Can't ask for much more than that. My little one refused to take a nap that was longer than 30 minutes. Very strange. Anyone else have that? It seemed that as soon as I put my oldest one down my little one woke up. I didn't get much alone time today, but, really, in the great scheme of things I am just so happy to have two wonderful, healthy boys.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

363 Days to Go: Credit Card Free

Balanced our checkbook. We're definitely short. It's tough being down one income. Things just seem so much more expensive nowadays. I go to the store and spend on average $150 a week and that's for 2-3 people eating... wait until the boys gets bigger. And, worse yet, when the boys bring over their friends!

In any case, so far, so good, but I know this can't last long. If any of you want to join me on this challenge I would love the moral support!

This is also going to force me to eat ALL of our leftovers and to really empty out our pantry before restocking. Have you all noticed how much stuff accumulates in those pantries??? They are awesome for organizational purposes, but unless there is the threat of an atomic bomb, I really don't need 5 cans of beets.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Baby Products 101

I am trying to start testing baby products in the hopes that I can help moms out there who are seeking the latest and greatest as well as bringing a little diversity to this small town we're in. We really only have a Wal-Mart and Target to go to for baby products otherwise I find that most of my girlfriends have to shop online. We're all for online shopping, but we want to be sure that the product we're ordering is going to meet our needs - especially when every penny counts!

I'll tell you the one product I am completely over and that is my Baby Bjorn. It was all right with my first son who was significantly lighter than #2, but I can barely carry my second son in it. It pulls on my shoulders and back. I can also tell that #2 is completely uncomfortable in it. So, part of my mission is to find a baby carrier. Suggestions welcome!

I am also looking for chic items with a practical edge to them. I am tired of carrying around cheap plastic cups and Ziplock bags. I want something that can be reused, looks good, and stands the test of time.

I would love to have some fun toys for the car. My older son doesn't mind car rides, but, honestly, I don't want to play a DVD just to run to the store. I love Melissa and Doug and am seeking products along those lines that keep him intrigued by his surroundings, but make the time pass quickly. I am not big on the "throw him in front of the TV" theory; what a waste of the mind. My second son just cries in the car. Can't tell if he's bored or car sick. Need something to keep him happy though.

A clock. I need a good toddler clock for my 3 year old. He needs to start learning how to tell time so we get over this whole up at 6 a.m. because "Look, Mommy. The sun is awake!" Yeah. Not working for me.

So... wish me luck. I'll report back as I find products that inspire and add flair.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Father's Day Deals

So, I think I am just like every other mom out there: Looking for a deal! Since I am staying home for a while with our newest addition, we are down one income - ouch. I decided that I am going to see how much I can save this family. I feel that when we had two incomes it was easy to go to the store every day and buy whatever we wanted. Now I have seen the error of my ways. In any case, I've compiled a list of restaurants that are offering deals (even FREE meals) on Father's Day. Maybe some of you will be able to get a little break on Sunday and still make it seem like you are spoiling Dad. ;)


Applebee’s is offering a a free $10 Bonus Card when you buy $50 in Applebee’s Gift Cards for Dad.
Tip: If you are going to eat there soon, go to the bar first to get a $50 gift card. You’ll get another free $10 gift card.

Buca di Beppo
Get $10 off any $20 Purchase. Only valid June 20, 2010 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill
Until June 20, get a $10 Amore gift card free with a $50 gift card purchase or carry out order over $100. Join Carraba’s as a Facebook Fan and get a free mini-dessert.

Make your own card with the Denny’s Father’s Day Card Maker on Facebook. Send it to dad along with a coupon for a free ice cream float with any value menu or entree purchase. Valid June 20 -27, 2010

Free Ikea Breakfast between 9:30am and 11am and kids can make a free photo frame.
McDonald’s- FREE breakfast on Father’s Day when you purchase an Extra Value breakfast. This offer may vary by location, so call ahead.

Spaghetti Warehouse
June 20, Dad can get a free spaghetti or lasagna at Spaghetti Warehouse. Find the nearest Spaghetti Warehouse here. They are located in FL, GA, IL, NY, OH, OK, PA, TN and TX.


A free cone or cup to dads on Father’s Day, June 20. Click to find a TCBY near you.

Texas de Brazil

Dads get to eat free with the purchase of another meal. You’ll need to be a member of the Texas de Brazil eclub to get the coupon.

T.G.I. Friday’s

Buy one, get one free entree coupon that anyone can use until June 20, only at certain locations BOGO TGIF Coupon

Get a free Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity by signing up at this IHOP link

Smokey Bones
Free Father's Day meal (up to a $20 value) with the purchase of another meal. All you have to do is sign up by getting your card in the restaurant and then activating it online.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hi there! Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Viv and I am a mom to two young boys. We live in a small town where we have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by loving friends and family.

This blog was set up as a way for me to find and offer help to other moms who may be struggling to find the best products, the most frugal shopping deals, and creative activities to do with their children.

Bear with me as this blog gets on its feet. I promise it will be worth your while! Thanks for checking in and stand-by for this week's topic.