Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blogging and the Early Edition of my Monday Money Update

So, I am enjoying putting this site together. I hope I've been able to drum up some business for those involved in the giveaways, I like finding deals, and the accountability of publicizing my credit card adventures has kept me on track, however, I feel like I am alone here. I found a wonderful website that connects other mom bloggers, and although at first I was very excited about this, now I realize that my number of followers is up but my audience is still absent. I guess it takes time to develop loyal readers those who will comment on articles, keep you honest, and spark ideas. I feel like I've reached that point where I am looking to take this to the next level. I'll have to think about this one and get back to you all.

Quick money update here. Things are going well. Having extra income is helping out and we've almost reached our goals because of it. Not too much longer. I have gotten several cake orders so that seems to be promising. I'm looking forward to putting those together. I hope they are what my customers were anticipating and more.

Honestly, not much else to report. We're on track, have a couple of bimonthly payments due, and we hope to work towards our car payment next. We looked at bidding out the contract work on our basement, but I think it might take us a few YEARS to save up for that... expensive.

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  1. Don't lose hope! Your story is an interesting one, and I especially enjoy reading these Monday money updates. Those posts are interesting and relevant to so many parents and budget-conscious couples. For all things technical and blog-y, have you checked out the problogger site? (problogger dot net) Their articles ring so true and their ideas come from experience with successful and not-so-successful blog strategies. Just an idea...

    More importantly, I want to see pictures of your cakes!!! How awesome you've got orders coming in. If only you were closer - we need a birthday cake next month!