Saturday, August 7, 2010

Free nursing cover to celebrate World Wide Breastfeeding Week!

Udder Covers is running a promotion where you can get any of their regularly priced covers ($32) for free just by using the code "Breastfeeding". Once you get to Udder Covers click on "Shop Now" and select the cover or gift set you would like. Type in "Breastfeeding" as the code and it will bring your total to $0. All you pay is the shipping. You can also use this promo to get a 3 piece gift set for only $5 plus shipping!
Just one example. This one is called The Carson.

I have an Udder Cover myself and they are of good quality. I find the material a little thin (not see-through), but it is very practical and you can't beat FREE! If you want a top-notch quality cover, either purchase one from Easier Said Vinyl (she makes beautiful ones with thick material in the $20s)- just send her an e-mail request through her blog.- OR visit Bebe Au Lait I LOVE my cover from Bebe Au Lait. The material is what makes it awesome. The patterns are adorable as well. Again, don't get me wrong, Udder Covers and Bebe Au Lait have the same bones, but you can tell the difference in the two products. There is also a difference in price: Udder Covers= FREE. Bebe Au Lait=$30s and up. Easier Said Vinyl= $20s and up. (Bebe Au Lait and Easier Said Vinyl being very comparable.)

Bebe Au Lait is running a 20% off special right now so act fast!

Check one or all of them out, just be sure to support your breastfeeding mamas this week! :)

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