Monday, August 2, 2010

I did it!!

I printed out my Grocery Game sheet, printed out my coupon, bought extra papers, and went to the store. I was able to get the following:

11 tubes of toothpaste (2 free/9 at $0.25 each) = $2.25
1 box of Tampax Pearl Tampons (40 ct.) at $2.99
1 100 oz. bottle of Tide Free at $6.99
1 64 oz of Tide Stain Release at $3.99
1 54 oz bottle of Downy at $0.99
5 containers of macaroni salad, potato salad, and sweet slaw $1 each = $5 total
After tax = $25.08

I saved a total of $57.38

WOOOHOO! Okay, so it wasn't free, but that was really cheap! I usually spend $25 on just the Tide and Downy products alone so having one year's worth of toothpaste plus some food and fem products is phenomenal!

I go back tomorrow for some freebies so I'll report back then. There were a lot of great coupons in this week's paper so I hope you all stocked up.

For those of you that are interested, try the Grocery Game out. At least do the free trial. Go to The Grocery Game and if you could, please let them know I sent you. Use and I would so very much appreciate it!!

Monday's Money Update:

This is my stock-up-week. I am going to get as much free stuff as possible. There are a ton of great deals right now so I am pretty excited. My goal tomorrow is to get some of my husband's items for free. Wish me luck.

I start a job out of the home next week so that will bring in some money. I am pretty excited about that. That should really get us back on our feet then we'll just ride the wave until I go back in March. We are still credit card free even though I think it has been hard on my husband. He's dealing but I think he just wants to give in sometimes. I just keep reminding him what a difference this will make for us down the line.
My cake decorating class ends this week and I'll be taking class 2 in August. I ordered my business cards through Vistaprint and have gotten a good number of supplies. I still need a lot more. There is a 14 year old girl in my class (there are only two of us) and she comes into class every week with more and more. I can't believe I am envious of a kid, but her mom has really given her a wonderful set of gifts so she can start her business. Yes, she is 14 and wants to decorate cakes on the side.
Anyway, not much to report this week. Have any of you tried I like it, but I only have one complaint: I can't get all of my accounts to show up so my books aren't 100% balanced. They are looking into it though to see if they can add the missing account on.
Thanks for the support, you all! Knowing you are checking in and keeping track has really helped me continue down this path the right way.

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