Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Take a look at Easier Said Vinyl's product line and how to make old furniture new

How pretty are these boards? What a great way to accent a room without spending a fortune. It also makes an item very unique. I like to buy used pieces of furniture and strip them down then apply a stain or paint color. If you are interested in doing something like that you can very easily get the job done by following these steps:

1. Go to a local thrift shop, scan the newspaper, or go to rummage sales. Find a piece of wood furniture that you like. Make sure it is wood otherwise the particle board will just shred.

2. Pick out a spray paint color that you like. Use a quality spray paint. I like Valspar and have had good luck with it.

3. Get an electric sander and some sand paper. You want something that will simply roughen up the wood not make grooves in it. Some fine sandpaper should do the trick. Pick up a couple of hand sand blocks as well.

4. Go somewhere well-ventilated and start sanding! You want to roughen up the exterior on the wood to give the spray paint enough grooves to stick. Sand the furniture, wipe it down, let it dry then get ready to paint.

5. Work somewhere, again, well-ventilated. Spray the piece evenly and have some fun with your design. Try textured paints, taping off designs on the furniture, cool knobs, contrasting colors, etc. Heck, buy something from Easier Said Vinyl and go to town!

When your done drop by my site and leave a picture. I would love to see the finished product!


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