Thursday, August 19, 2010

Monday Money Update (on Thursday!)

Everything is at zero except for our pergola/patio fund. I'll be paying that off in the next 2 months (I hope) and then we'll be working on paying off the car. I've increased our car payment 20% per month now that we don't have a credit card payment to make. That should help us pay it off a little quicker. Then, once we have our construction fund at zero, we'll triple our car payment, allowing us to have it paid off by next summer. By then, I'll be back at work, we'll be credit card free, and we'll, in turn, be able to focus on our mortgage. Our mortgage is next year's goal. I would also like to increase our retirement contributions as well as our childrens' college funds.
What are you all saving for? How are you saving money? What works best for your families?

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