Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Money Update

We made it another week. We took some money out of our savings' account to pay for our house project, but other than that, we have survived on one paycheck! I started watching my friend's son today so I actually made something. I am pretty excited about that. It was not all that different having a third in the house. There was some juggling that took place between nursing mine, making lunch for mine, and bottle feeding the third, but it worked out. I even managed to eat my own lunch and clean the kitchen after lunch without any tears! Perfect.
I am putting the money earned into savings. 30% goes to my husband (pimp fees - kidding! He travels so he needs cash.), and the other 70% gets stashed. This will help pay for Christmas, miscellaneous items, and groceries or the like down the road.
We had a few unexpected bills this month, but I plan on paying them off stat. Once those are paid we are truly at ZERO so next month we should have about 25% of our cash flow open up for us. That will make things more comfortable.
I start the second part of my cake decorating class tomorrow. I hope to drum up some business soon. I think that would make some decent money. Anyone else do anything from the home that brings in income? What is it? Do you enjoy it? Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

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