Sunday, July 18, 2010

By request- White noise machine

Do you want to get a peaceful night's sleep by blocking out your child's cries? Okay, I'm totally kidding here people. But seriously, would you like to block out toddler screams while your new little one is sleeping? Or even create a more sound-proof environment? I found a white noise machine by Conair that gets good reviews and is reasonably priced. Right now you can get the machine for $26.99 at plus $1 shipping. Follow this link.

If $30 is too much, you can always go the creative route. We use a high powered fan in our son's room and it blocks out EVERYTHING. I mean, we can vacuum and he doesn't hear a thing.

You can also burn a compilation CD of nature sounds and play that on repeat during naps, etc. I used to have one that was all storms and I loved it.

Finally, you simply play a musical CD that you like. Just remember that with music and noise, your child might end up needing these environmental cues to fall asleep. So, a visit to grandma's house with an oops-moment of forgetting to pack said CD, could lead to a lot of tears. This will just depend on the child.

Anyway, feel free to add to the ideas. I would love to hear what other mommies are doing to help their kids sleep more.

Speaking of which, what are your thoughts on the different sleep methods? I have used Kim West in the past (a modified version) where you essentially sit next to the child to help comfort them. You start next to the crib, then in the middle of the room, then by the door, then you should end by being able to pass by his/her door and "shh" from there. That never happened to us, but I'm sure it did to someone!

What about Ferber, Ezzo, Sears, the CIO method, and so on. What do you guys use or what portions of the methods have worked best for you all?

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