Thursday, July 8, 2010

How this blog came to fruition.

I have been asked a few times why I am all of the sudden putting this blog together. I guess I felt that we needed to stay away from the CC because we kept using it as a crutch. Whenever there is that need, it means something has to give. I knew that if I made a public announcement to vow to stay away from CCs that I would stick to it. That is just how I am; I can really stick with something because the fear of embarrassment from failure goes above and beyond my fear of coming up short monthly.

This is probably a terrible time to test this out as, again, we're down to one income, but once we get this under control, I think we'll find ourselves very comfortable when I return to work. So, that's yet another question I get: Will you really go back to work? Yes, I will. Honestly, the long-term benefits are too much to pass up. Fortunately, it is a part-time job, giving me plenty of time with my children.

I welcome anyone to join me in this one year challenge. I am going to create a page where you can sign up to be a part of this test of true self-control. At the end of this year we can all celebrate together having completed, what can be for many, a daunting task.

In addition, I don't want us to just stop at ridding ourselves of CCs, but to make it a point to save. Save money in advance so that you're not stuck with a bill for hundreds of dollars in one month. Save for retirement. Save for your kids' college tuitions. Save for annual vacatins, car/home repairs, and splurges. We've seen what excesses can do to a nation. We don't all have to live that way.

Check the site for some financial resources and join me as a follower as well as in the CC challenge. There is power in numbers. You know how you never make it to the gym because you have no one to go with you? Well, I'm here! I need you guys as much as you need me.

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