Monday, July 19, 2010

How to make your own blog button

I went to this website and followed her steps for creating a button.

Below, I've added my own directions below for using Photobucket instead of Picasa to save the picture of my choice for use in the button.

I am still learning as I go, but here are general instructions on how to make a button. First, find a picture, or take a picture of your own, that you would like to use on your button/badge. You can custom create one using Adobe, you can search the net, or you can take a picture with a camera. You can save it to an account such as Picasa or Photobucket. I chose Photobucket so my instructions will be based off of that.

Once you have chosen the picture you would like to use, save it to your computer. Next, create an account, or sign in (to Photobucket), and then go to "Upload images and videos." Find the picture you've saved and upload it. Once the picture appears, click on the image. (You can opt to tag it, if you want.) A toolbar will appear above the picture. Click on edit.

Next, choose resize from the new toolbar that has appeared above the picture on the next page. Resize it so that at least one of the measurements is close to 150. Ideally, you would like the pic to be 150x150. Once it is resized, click on "decorate" (in the toolbar above) and then click on "T" (for TEXT.) Choose the font, color, style, etc. you like then choose "apply" in the box to the right. I always save my pictures as copies instead of replacing the original.

Once you've applied your "decorations," and opted to save a copy, a new page will appear. On the left-hand side, there is a box that says "Share this image." Copy the code that is in the "Direct Link" box.

From this point on you can use the website above to finish the coding and place the code in an HTML box.

Let me know if you get stuck somewhere! Thanks for bringing this up.


  1. Neat! I havn't even thought about making a button until I joined MBC! Now I must go do it :)
    Following now!