Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some shopping tips for the Grocery Game

I am not interested in receiving the newspaper every Thursday and Sunday nor do I want to pay for it. So, a dear friend suggested that I go to the Dollar Tree on Saturdays to pick up the early editio for $1. Now I don't get a bunch of papers I don't need and I am saving money on the monthly subscription.

Also, trying to do the Grocery Game by finding all of the coupons online is impossible. The way it works is that they find a deal, match it up to a particular Sunday and print that on the list. For example, it will say "Venus razors on sale at Food Lion for $4.99." They will tell you the regular price, "Regular price $6.99," then they will tell you, "$2 off coupon 5/13." Meaning that on Sunday, May 13th, there was a coupond for $2 off. That's when you break out your accordion file, look up May, and pull out the May 13th coupons. That $2 off coupon may no longer be around if you tried to search for it now online. Also, Terri does her own coupon matching. They put a certain number of coupons on her site in three different categories: GG1, GG2, GG3. You may or may NOT find the coupon you are looking for, but if you do then it will match the sales she is mentioning on the list.

This is why I say that it is worthwhile, but I would stock up for a few months on coupons before investing. Also, you don't have to do EVERY list available. You can do one list every 12 weeks for $40 per year plus $1 per Sunday newspaper = $92. The savings are much greater than that so it is worth the investment.

Finally, if you only do one list, pick your favorite store. You are not obligated to drive around to every store, but it makes the deals better. If I were to pick one list only I could still do very well. Anything is possible. You just have to be a little creative.

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