Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sun protection and Sun safety

Did you know that a lightweight, light-color t-shirt only offers an SPF of about 4?!  Although you can buy clothes from companies such as Coolibar, Alex and Me, and Solartex, an easy and effective way to increase the SPF in the clothing you already own is to buy a product such as (a detergent you simply wash your clothes in.) Sunguard will boost the fabrics' SPF to 30 saving you money in clothes and protecting your kiddos' (and your!) delicate skin. It costs $1.99 so it is well worth the investment.

Also, if you're like me and keep bottles of sunscreen for years, take heed!  Apparently, an open bottle of sunscreen even from last year is probably no longer good and should be thrown away.  This is true especially if it was in and out of the house and the heat, so says Dr. Wechsler in a Parenting magazine article. 

Next, make sure to check the expiration dates on your sunscreen bottles!  Once expired the product's active ingredients lose their effectiveness.

Commonly missed areas when putting on sunscreen are:
1.  The tops of ears and feet
2.  The backs of necks and hands
3.  The skin around the eyes (try looking for a 'tear free' formula if you are too afraid of getting close to your child's eyes.)
4.  Make sure to use a balm with SPF

Make sure to apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before heading outside.  Oftentimes people put sunscreen on upon arrival and this does not allow the active ingredients to take effect.

Get your child some sunglasses!  If you give your child sunglasses early on they will get into the habit of wearing them.  They do need them.  Just as we squint and have a hard time seeing when the sun is blaring, so do they.  Not only will you be doing them a favor now but it will help protect them down the line as well.  Check out your local stores for shades otherwise try Real Kids' Shades, Kushines Online, or Foster Grant to name a few.

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