Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mealsmatter- Where was this all of those years???

I don't know about you, but I can be terrible about meal-planning. I fall into ruts. I call my mom, we talk, she tells me what she's making, I tell her what I have planned then we both sigh. I remember growing up it seemed we had delicious dinners on the table nightly, but I can imagine after all of these years of feeding my father and us kids, my mom has run out of creativity. So, how it is possible that after only 10 years my well has run dry?

I decided to do a search for recipe planning, and voila, I came across this website called Mealsmatter. It is what I have dreamed of for years and more! There is an entire bank of recipes, you click on the ones you click and add them to your saved recipes then you can place them on a calendar! You can also create your own recipe book, add recipes to your grocery list, print everything out and go! How awesome is that? They have breakfast, lunch, dinner, kid-friendly, make-ahead-meals, vegetarian, etc. So neat! The website can even help guide you on what to stock up on in your pantry. This has to be a money saver here! Planning out meals will most certainly reduce the temptation of eating out last minute. And, another cool feature is that you can move recipes around on the calendar. So, if you decide salmon just doesn't sound good, you can swap things around a bit. Also, once you add the recipes to your shopping list it even gives you the option of choosing what section the food is in (hot dogs: meat), what store (Super Target) and you can check the box next to coupon if you have one. Very practical.

Ladies, this is definitely worth checking out. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. I'm pretty excited to play around with it a little more.
Here you go: Mealsmatter. Hope this helps! I will also post this on my page dedicated to recipes.

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