Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Okay. Why is it that THE ONE person in the house who needs the most amount of sleep is the one who gets the least?? I mean, I love my kids. Don't get me wrong. BUT my 3 year old should be capable of holding his pee 12 hours and my 4.5 month old should be sleeping through the night, right? I've been told the latter, but since #1 was a colic baby I had no idea what the back of my eyelids looked like for the first year. Now I'm getting the, "When are you going to give him table food?" questions. Totally cool. I'm fine with being asked that question, but since stuffing my first child full of rice cereal did absolutely NOTHING for his sleep habits, I'm a little hesitant to start with my second. #2 is doing totally fine with breastmilk and is growing like a weed. To be honest, I think I am doing something wrong. I think I am letting him nap too much during the day. He gets a good 2-3 hour nap in the morning, 2 hours or so in the afternoon then a 30-45 minute nap around 6 p.m. Those naps are too long and the last one is too late. So, tomorrow, I start the self-torture. I am going to try to only let him sleep 1.5 hours in the morning, the same in the afternoon, then a 45 minute nap early in the afternoon. Finally, I'll try to lay him down around 8 instead of 9 or 9:30 p.m. This may give me more time at night. I just worry he is going to wake up repeatedly. Oh, what a double-edged sword! We always seem to know what OTHER kids need, but when it comes to our own children it just pains us.

Well, speaking of sleep... *yawn* I think that hour has struck. Oh, but wait. What is that I hear? #2 waking after only 45 minutes in bed? Yep.



  1. Girl I hear ya on the sleep thing!! I'm following you from Mommy Bloggers club!! I have 5 kids and have co-slept with them all and none have ever slept through the night until they were over a year old!!!

  2. Me too - We co-slept for 18 months and now at 22 months my son's starting to get used to sleeping in his own bed, although virtually every night around 4 or 5am I join him in there (his twin bed) to get him back to sleep. My son was awesome at sleeping for 4 hour chunks as a little guy, then 7 hour chunks since he was about 6 months old, but it stopped there. I guess that is sleeping through the night (the definition is 6 hours - boo!)

    He also has trouble falling asleep without nursing, although the stroller can put him out pretty easily. Those sleep methods just ended in nights of me in tears and my husband stressed out and both of us feeling guilty. We decided we weren't ready for that kind of thing and since I have no problem falling back to sleep after soothing him, we have just let it happen naturally and are easing him into his own bed and room with my help. It really does happen, just not on your schedule. Good luck with the shorter naps and the rest!!